Our foundations

In 2003, we started to dream. We laid solid financial foundations and carefully built a trusted construction firm in Surrey. Our dreams then grew with the business. As our client base diversified, so did we. Freeland Properties moved into land acquisition and property development and started operating under two distinct brands; Stately Estates and Stately Homes.

To keep our growing business under one roof, one set of values, one ethos – we created The Binney Group- the administrative and management hub at the centre of our diversified offer. It gives us economies of scale; it gives clients a complete suite of services beyond our core construction and property business. It gives us a unified approach to how we do business and, as each part grows, so does the whole.

Building relationships

Our friendly team is a hive of knowledge. We understand all aspects of property and construction and work closely together across the group. That allows us to offer seamless services, complete products and integrated investment opportunities. Each member of the team takes responsibility and each person wants what’s best for the client.

We can only advise and create for our clients if we do a lot of listening first. The personal relationships are what set our firm apart. Before a single turf is cut or brick laid, we need to understand what drives you.

Shared ambitions

Our customers are some of the most ambitious people in the world. We tap into that energy and enthusiasm; we use that creativity and foresight. We want to leave a legacy for The Binney Group as much as you might for future generations. With our detailed local knowledge, expertise and insight we are able to fuel your ambition and deliver more than a home. Together we can deliver dreams.

Imagination without walls

When you combine confidence, ambition, knowledge and flair you can create something incredible. When you can draw on our expertise and services to create amazing spaces in which to reflect, refresh, refuel and raise a family - you actually create a canvas for the next phase of your life. With one of our homes as your anchor point you can go on to achieve even greater things. The freedom and joy you experienced as a child can be yours.

Natural flair

There is a feeling that to achieve the utmost in luxury, the most elegant of finishes and to use the most exquisite materials, you have to turn a blind eye to the environmental impact. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you want to simply relax and enjoy your property or make a contribution to the future of preserving our shared resources, our entire team is committed to the environmental challenges our industry faces.

Tailor made

Ask any tailor and they will say that it starts with understanding the person. Our Stately Homes client relationship managers will get to know you, your lifestyle, your loves, your style preferences, and your impulses. We are entirely relationship-focussed. We dedicate ourselves to finding the right location, capturing your dreams, building, crafting, and finishing to exceptional standards. Stately Homes will challenge your thinking and harness your imagination.

Building blocks

Our investors recognise and match our ambition. Together we realise very healthy returns, deliver assets and create something tangible for future generations. Investors take huge pride in what we build together, and we’re proud to involve them in our business strategy. Investors are a key part of our future and whilst we continue to reinvest in our core business of property and construction, we also look to diversify to give greater financial security to our group.

A legacy built on trust

We will grow our business, but not simply growth for its own sake. We’re just as interested in growing our people, developing skills, building the team into a world-beating, multi-skilled group of experts and growing our trusted portfolio of clients who match our ambition.

Our financial strategy is the same as our overall mission. We’re about more than just the short term. We want to build outstanding homes and investments that last generations. We want to build more homes and more revenue. We will deliver strong aesthetics and even stronger year-on-year growth. We will invest; in our business and in the architecture of Great Britain.